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About Elizabeth's Shops

Forget the shops. This page is all about Elizabeth! She has been into sales since she was only five years old when she picked Morning Glories in Asheville, NC, and went door-to-door trying to sell the flowers that grew wild in everyones' yard. Disappointments came early for her, but she persevered. While in elementary and middle school in Dunn, NC, she normally outsold everyone when her school had fundraisers, i.e., selling flower and garden seeds. During that time, she also picked and sold blueberries and blackberries to the kind neighbors.

While in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era, besides her regular job as a Yeoman, she made and sold popcorn at the base theater. Years later, as a single mother of three daughters, she had several part-time jobs simultaneously with her full-time job.  She was still into sales and sold House of Lloyd products,  Herbalife,
and cabbage patch dolls her Mom created, while at the same time sewing for people too.

In the late 1980s, she became enchanted with the Old World Santas which were made of crushed pecan shell flour and resin. These Old World Santas represented countries from all over the world. Elizabeth painted many of these Santas and gave to her family and friends. She decided to open a shop to sell the painted and unpainted Santas, along with selling paints and paint brushes. She filled her shop and found out quickly that her love of the art was not shared by everyone and she had to come up with another plan fast to be able to pay the shop rent. She started creating and making crafts, floral designs, sewing projects, and painted folk art designs to sell, and she shopped for and sold collectibles, jewelry and antiques. Elizabeth enjoyed that shop, but years later she found working seven days a week to be exhausting.

Then, came eBay and the heyday was absolutely fabulous. But during the past several years, eBay has not treated its small-time sellers very well and Elizabeth has all but left eBay. She currently has these five shops and Joan and Elizabeth's Hallmark Ornament shop to keep her more than busy.

She looks forward to doing business with you. Her slogan is to "treat her customers like gold, so they will come back again and bring friends!"

Elizabeth started collecting postcards when she was 13 years of age.
She was given the postcard collections of her mother (born in 1919)
and her father (born in 1918). She has hundreds of postcard to sell.

The Postcard Hobby Prayer
by John H. McClintock

Postcard collecting is my hobby, I shall not be bored.
It maketh me do research on far-away places,
It causeth me to correspond with strange people; It keepeth me alert.

It leadeth me into new areas of knowledge for curiosity's sake.
Yea, though I am house bound by miserable weather,
I will fear no boredom, for my cards are with me.
Their beauty and their history enchant me.

They show me a pleasant escape
from the tensions of everyday life.
They fill my shelves with shoeboxes.
My checking account runneth lower.

Surely, their beauty and information
shall surround me all the days of my life,
and I will be listed in the ranks of deltiologists forever.

About Joan and Elizabeth's Hallmark Ornaments

Joan and Elizabeth's Hallmark Ornaments has been incorporated into Elizabeth's Shops and will be offering a large inventory of Hallmark Ornaments and Hallmark Collectibles. The shop is set up as a secondary market dealer of Hallmark ornaments. Prices are based on market value, supply and demand, and not on original issue price; however, you will see various sales in our shop each month.

We DO NOT buy other peoples' collections. Since the economy is suffering, I have received numerous emails and telephone calls from people offering to sell their ornaments to us; however, even though I would like to, I cannot purchase these ornaments.

All of our ornaments were purchased new or awarded to us from authorized Gold Crown Hallmark Retailers.

We sell and collect Hallmark Ornaments. We just loved the adventure and the rewards we received when collecting these beautiful ornaments. We enjoy receiving quality ornaments and would do no less for our customers. We appreciate our customers. Whether you are a new or a long-term customer, we want you to have a great online buying experience from us. We describe our merchandise as accurately as possible, carefully package, and ship to their new home quickly, just as we would wish to have done for us.

We look forward to doing business with you.

How it all got started:

Joan began collecting Hallmark ornaments in 1973, the year that Hallmark produced their first ornaments. She loved the little beauties and raved about them to her friends and family. She loved going to her Hallmark Club meetings, Hallmark Shows, and all of the Hallmark Shops for miles around her. Her husband jokingly said, "Joan knew the location of every Hallmark Shop from Fayetteville, NC, to Charleston, SC."

Joan managed to get her entire family involved in collecting Hallmark Ornaments. Not only did she collect ornaments for herself, but she also collected ornaments for each of her five nieces, four nephews, and her husband, Willie's two granddaughters. When these family members became adults, she gave them a large box of ornaments which she had been collecting for each of them while they were growing up. She even purchased memberships for her nieces and granddaughters to the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club (KOCC) so they would get hooked too, I'm sure!

Every Christmas, Joan gave our family members these gorgeous, detailed ornaments to place on our trees. But, Joan didn't stop there, as she gave ornaments to people she worked with at the Social Security Administration, and to her friends and neighbors, also!

She got her sisters started collecting Hallmark ornaments in the 1980s, especially when she told me (Elizabeth) about the increase in value that the ornaments would bring in years to come. Each year, Joan and I would purchase the ornaments we wanted for our trees that year; then, the day after Christmas, my daughters and I would spend the night with Joan just so we could stand out in the cold as we waited for the shops to open. We would then run in and grab those unsold ornaments before we headed to the next shop. After going to every Hallmark Shop in Fayetteville, we would go over to Harnett County and go to those Hallmark Shops too. Many years, we would meet up with our sister, Tula, and her family in the Hallmark Shop in Dunn, NC. We would drive for miles to every Hallmark Shop in the area before returning home late in the evening. That was so much fun and such wonderful memories.

During the years, Joan would telephone me, all excited and bubbling with joy, about the ornaments and gifts that she had won from Hallmark during their Premier or Open House weekend. She got so excited about seeing the Artist and getting her ornaments signed. Sometimes, she called me after a meeting with her friends at their local Hallmark Club to tell me about all the new ways to decorate with the ornaments. Joan just loved her local Hallmark Club.

Picture of Joan and the Bears. Every year, Joan and Willie along with their friends, Linda and Bill, would have Christmas Tree Decorating Parties when they would go to each other's home to decorate their Christmas Trees. However, as Joan got older, she started using her miniature ornaments, but she still purchased the regular ornaments.

I have many cherished memories to forever remember because Joan became an Angel on January 7, 2006, when she, at the young age of 63, went on to help decorate God's Heaven. Our sister, Tula, asked her daughters and my daughters if they would be Gift Bearers at Joan's funeral. Since Joan had so many ornaments, Tula thought that it would be nice if the Gift Bearers would stand in the Narthex and pass ornaments to the family and friends as they left the Church, so they could have an ornament from her collection to hang on their Christmas Trees. Each year as they hang the ornament, they will remember Joan and the joy she brought to others as they celebrate the birth of Jesus and the light He showed through her.

I am dedicating this website in honor of my sister, Joan, and the joy she brought into so many peoples' lives, including my own. Here, you'll see a picture of her with the Kissing Teddy Bears she won from Hallmark during a Valentine promotion a few years ago.

I have decided that since I'm past retirement age, and since I have used only my miniature ornaments for the past few years, that I need to sell off my ornaments. Then, after I tackle selling my ornaments, I'll break out the boxes that I have of Joan's ornaments, and maybe list them too.

I, however, still buy ornaments because I really love and enjoy collecting them. I especially like the music and motion ornaments. Joan did her very best to get me hooked on collecting Hallmark Ornaments, and she succeeded. :)

Elizabeth Dale, Owner


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